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FALL 2015

Carole Curtis: Metropolis in Abstraction

Carole Curtis: Metropolis in Abstraction runs from Nov 16th through Dec 20th.

A reception and gallery talk is scheduled for Wed, Nov 18 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.

Geometric shapes abutting and overlapping, strong color against large planes of gray and black, Carole Curtis’ painting pay homage to both the architecture of New York City and to her background as a graphic artist. Each large acrylic on canvas presents a collage of urban structure, hints of sky barely visible in the negative space between buildings. Reminiscent of the work of the early modern painters such as Charles Sheeler and Charles Demuth, Curtis presents the city as a puzzle of cleanly rendered forms.

Though shown from the perspective of the man-on-the-street, the compositions are devoid of human presence, focusing instead on the, “industrialized, commercial, mercantile metropolis,” that is New York. Seen as a group, this work both illuminates the beauty of the architecture and removes the presence of the teeming masses below, moving along the sidewalks from place to place, mostly ignoring the canopy of buildings above them.

Born and raised in New York City, Carole has worked as a graphic designer throughout her career. She now paints in her studio at the ArtsWestchester landmark building in White Plains, NY. Her work as been exhibited in New York and Connecticut and she received a Residency Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center in 2013


Seunghwui Koo: Pigple

Seunghwui Koo: Pigple runs from Oct 12th through Nov 8th.

A reception and gallery talk is scheduled for Wed, Oct 14 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.


When Seunghwui Koo moved to New York from South Korea the only America she knew was the one she saw on television and in advertisements. Her sculptures, anthropomorphic pigs lounging, loving and exercising, reflect elements of this pop culture in full and often fully saturated color. The pig, for Koreans, is seen as a precursor to wealth and happiness but also as a warning away from greed. These pigs, piled like gum balls or hung like trophies reflect both the pleasure and peril of material greed. Table-top figures are both strange and funny, pig/human hybrids living their 21st century lives.

Seunghwui Koo was educated in Korea and today makes her artwork in New York. She has shown mixed media pieces, primarily resin and acrylic, in both South Korea and the US and is supported by the Chashama art collective.


Unit 2 Voices: Artwork from Death Row


Unit 2 Voices: Artwork from Death Row runs from Sept 7th through Oct 4th.

A reception and gallery talk is scheduled for Wed, Sept 16 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm.


This exhibition is a result of three years work with a group of men living on Death Row at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Riverbend is billed as one of the state’s most high-tech facilities with a designated capacity of 714 offenders of which 480 are classified as high risk. In addition the majority of the state’s male death row inmates, currently published at 67, are there.

The works in this show are a result of three years of sustained collaboration among four faculty mentors, Barbara Yontz, Kristi Hargrove, Robin Paris and Tom Williams, and the men in Unit 2A with volunteer student participants. Through weekly class meetings at the prison and distance mailings between Nashville and New York, artworks and relationships developed as the voices of those inside the prison merged with those outside. The intention for this project is at least twofold—political and personal.

Prisoners involved in this project include Abu Ali Abdur’Rahman, Gdongalay Berry, Ron Cauthern, Tyrone Chalmers, Gary Cone, Lemaricus Davidson, David Duncan, John Freeland, Kennath Artez Henderson, Billy Irick, Akil Jahi, Nikolus Johnson, Donald Middlebrooks, Harold Wayne Nichols, Richard Odom and Derrick Quintero.

Curated by Barbara Yontz






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